This project is an exploration surrounding graphic design and the public’s perception of products. Design is a necessary tool in the modern-day market, and I am interested in examining how much design affects people’s decisions on an everyday scale.
After creating a collection of woven earrings, I decided to brand two separate companies based on research and Design Thinking methods for the same nine earrings in order to analyze the creation of a visual identity for a specific product and consumer. 
This first brand is marketed towards Generation Z, based on research surrounding social media use and popular brands among that age group. It features in-studio styled photography and an overall more experimental tone with simplistic grids and duotone photo offsets.
The second brand is marketed towards Millennials, with a lighter tone and outdoor photography. I researched popular Millennial trends and social media usage, along with brands marketed towards that age group.
One of the most interesting takeaways from this project was learning about the intersection of technology and marketing; from IBM to Glossier, brands have created palatable systems of design for their audience, allowing for adaptation and growth with cultural shifts.
The main lesson from this project was setting realistic goals and deadlines. While I am very pleased with the result, I think I tried to encapsulate too many ideas into one project. It taught me that quality is more important than quantity. 
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